Media Releases

Cost-efficient bolted steel tanks meet environmental and storage challenges facing dairy producers

Advanced water and waste water tank technologies designed to meet challenges facing the dairy and primary processing industries were introduced by the Tasman Tank Company at the recent Effluent Expo in Hamilton New Zealand, organised by Waikato Regional Council and sponsored by DairyNZ.

Water harvesting pays dividends for Foodstuffs and city water supply

As the push for corporate sustainability continues to escalate throughout Australasia, an increasing number of companies are recognising the importance of water management.

No valuable space wasted with innovative storage tank system at Stockland Village

It takes an innovative and flexible storage tank system to take advantage of every square metre of available space.

Environmentally adaptable tanks find new ways to fit tricky spaces in star-rated factories and offices

NEW generation industrial and commercial buildings are under increasing pressure to find space for the many environmentally harmonious technologies expected of them, including wastewater processing and recycling tanks.

Bluetongue shows why Zero is an excellent score for environmentally engineered food and beverage tanks

Major changes in the design and manufacture of large capacity industrial tanks for food and beverage applications are being driven by the demands of technologies involving zero discharge applications.


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