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Rainwater Harvesting

Water is an essential natural resource which is in limited supply in many areas. Storage of rainwater for re-use is an important “activity” for any industries and local governments.
One of the many oversights in a rainwater harvesting application is maintaining the water quality so it remains “fit for purpose”. Our technical team will advise on the most cost effective solution for your application.

    Tanks that we recommend for Rainwater Harvesting are:
  • (TS185) designed and constructed to drinking water standards
  • (TS600) ideal for irrigation or process water applications up to 2mg.
  • (TC-D103) for bulk water storage over 2mg

Over the years Tasman Tanks has worked with many clients to install rainwater storage solutions. Our most prestigious project to-date was a turnkey system for Austral Bricks in Western Sydney. Tasman Tanks supplied pumps, tanks, piping and electrical systems including “mobile phone notification system” directly to the client.

At the time (2007) it was the largest rainwater harvesting project in NSW, it was fully endorsed by the NSW state government and was successful in harvesting up to 1 million litres of water per day.


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